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Photographic skill and photograph analyzing

Caution: Please use natural dye to dye product first, than go on to analyzing software. 

  • Step 1:Please put white paper under product.
  • Step 2: Please make sure photographic ambient brightness is enough and even. Recommend using sunlight to capture photo.
  • Step:3: Keep the product smooth.
  • Step 4:  Please set up camera image resolution to 10M pixel or batter and set up display format to 16:9 for image capture.
  • Step 5: Please set up your camera in HDR mode. The unclear photo will effect analysis result.
  • Step 6: Separate product into 1/2 or 1/3 to take photo.
  • Step 7: Please set your device to horizontal mode and to focus image in red frame that will full of device's screen like left photo.

(Please avoid corner of product)


The software analysis result come out only for reference, if you want to accurate analysis please contact software manufacturer (Tanto Bio-tech) or local agent for help.